10 Baby Names I Love But Will Never Use

Pretty sure the title is self explanatory so let’s just get right into it!

Girl Names






Boy Names






Now, obviously I love these names so if your child is named one of these I am by no means saying anything negative about it! We are done having kids so that is why I will never use these names!

The girl names I chose are ones I have liked for a while but weren’t agreed on when we had our kids. I love our girls’ names and they seem to fit them very well! So I am glad we went with the names we chose for them!

If we had had a boy his name would’ve been Maverick. I LOVE that name. I adore it. Xavier was the middle name we had picked for our boy when we were pregnant with Sophia. Axel, Emmett, and Elijah are just Names I have always loved.

What are some names you love but won’t use or weren’t able to use? Let me know in the comments!

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