You know what causes that, right??

The last time I was out with all three of my girls I was asked “You know what causes that, right?” I’ve been thinking about this for a bit now and I’ve had time to reflect back on my different stages of motherhood.

A mom of one and hearing “You can’t just leave her an only child..”

A mom of two girls and hearing “You’re going to try for a boy, right?”

And now a mom of three girls.. I’ve heard “You know what causes that, right?” “Man, I feel sorry for your husband.” “You need a boy!” and many other variations of the same messages.

Don’t even let me mention I got my tubes tied and we’re done because that’s a whole other ballgame in terms of comments. “You’re so young! How do you know you’re done?!” “Well, there goes your chance of having a boy…”

I think my favorite (🙄) is “Wow, you’ve got your hands full..” Are you implying I can’t handle my kids? Or that I’ve got too many? Or…? My hands have been “full” since I became a mom almost twelve years ago. As I’ve added additional kids it’s gotten way more chaotic. What do you think you are helping by commenting on how “full” my hands are?

When did people begin believing it was okay to judge a mom (and/or dad) for how many kids they have and what their genders are. These same people making these comments came from a family of 8 plus kids.. so why, all of a sudden, is my family of three too big or something for y’all to be worried about?

How many kids I have is none of anyone’s business. How many kids you have is none of mine. You only want one kid? Cool. You want “a baseball team”? Cool, go for it! You don’t want any kids? That’s awesome, too.

Stop worrying about how many kids someone wants or has. It does not affect you. It has nothing to do with you. Especially if you’re some random stranger we pass by in Target.

I asked my Twitter followers to share some of the comments they’ve gotten while out & about with their kids and I’ll be sharing them below!

“Don’t y’all have a tv”

And my biggest pet peeve “what’re you gonna do when the new baby is here?!” … yes. I’ll have two under one. This was planned. We know it’ll be crazy for a while. BUT IM GONNA MOM TF UP AND DO IT.

when they find out my husband died is ‘oh, I’m sure you’ll find someone soon’ (insert sad pity look here)

1. Find them, Are they lost?

2. I’m not looking to find anyone

3. Seriously, how did a grown ass man get lost? Ask for directions ffs!

Both kids are blonde, myself and hubs are brunettes- we get “what color hair does the mailman have?” Stupid, rude, and fucking annoying.

They look at my baby face and assume I’m 16. Every time. So I started telling them I’m 16-17 and then they get all in their judgmental feels 🤷🏽‍♀️ people are so nosey.

“Are you done now?”

I just had 2nd boy. I was still in hospital with him. I was asked when I am going to have another baby, and that I should try for a girl!

“You’re busy!!” (So why you wasting my time?)

“You’ve got your hands full.” (I never know what to say to that..)

“What does dad think of this?” -gesturing to kids (Um.. He was an active part of creating “this”.. And they are people not things!!)

“I hope you’re done!” (Rude!)

We visited a CHILDREN’S museum. My 2-yr-old son was making a sort of echo yell in the big entry to entertain himself. At the gift counter next door, where I was BUYING THEIR MERCHANDISE, the cashier said, “Whose child is dat? If he were mine I’d shut him up!”

My husband is Mexican and somehow both our boys got my complexion and even lighter hair than me so we always get “are you sure Andy’s the dad?”

At the airport after going through security and putting all our stuff back in our bags and stroller a girl said to her friends loud enough for me to hear “ugh I’d kill myself if I had to travel with kids” My son has been on 18 flights, he travels better than most adults hah

There’s 12 months between my two. My two favourites when they were little were… “are they twins”? And “you’ve got your hands full”. 🤯 one was 7lb while the other was 30lb ffs 🤣🤣🤣


“Double trouble!”

“You must have your hands full”

“Are they natural?”

“I don’t know how you do it.”

[insert almost ANY invasive question about your reproductive system]

You’ve got your hands full. I only had half of my children. 🤦‍♀️

At a Mother’s Day out tour this morning, a lady rushed out of the office and said “TWINS?!? My nieces are triplets! I’m such a multiples junkie!”

Me: 😳

from the on call doctor the day after a very traumatic delivery that she was not a part of: “if you can’t handle this you shouldn’t be having sex. what are you like 14 anyway??” (i was 18 but still)

Poor Connor, maybe next time it’ll be a boy 🙄

What bizarre or rude comments have you heard while out with your kids?

Until next time..


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