6 Month Update

Hey y’all! Can you even believe it’s been six months since I had Ellie?? Because I cannot. Pretty sure it’s impossible she’s already half a year old! Today I will be sharing with you what she’s up to and how we’re both doing!


Ellie is doing amazing! She had her six month check up on the 8th (yes I’m WAY behind 😅) and she’s 25 inches long and weighs 13 lbs 14.6 oz. This puts her up to the 13th percentile for weight & 9th percentile for height. She was 3% weight & 5% height at her last appointment so she’s definitely growing but she’s still our tiny little beeb!

She’s sitting up all by herself now! She’s interactive with her toys and loves playing in her exersaucer/bouncer.. as long as she can see someone. 😂 She loves baths until it’s time to wash up then she screams. Her eczema comes and goes. She’s had a couple rough flare ups but usually with some cream it calms down.

We started her on solids and plan on doing baby-led weaning (BLW) with her! She’s doing so good with eating solids! She gets really happy when she sees the spoon. She’s definitely her dad’s kid! LOL!

Overall, she’s great! We also got good news about an issue we learned about at her four month appointment so that was a relief! Now onto mommy!


I’m doing great! I am being nicer to myself this postpartum than I was with my other two. Yes, I want to lose the weight but I am not stressing over it or forcing it off in an unhealthy manner. I am under my prepregnancy weight but still have my “mom pooch” which will be worked on soon! I plan to start doing some exercises at home and going for more walks with the girls once it’s nicer outside. Like I said I’m not rushing it or stressing this time. I’ve had three kids and I’ll never have my pre kid body (honestly I wouldn’t take it back if I had the chance). I am learning to be okay with that and be happy with where I am.

My tubal incision is completely healed. There’s no pain or issues going on with that. Sometimes I’ll get a small tinge of pain when Ellie stands on my belly or if I hit the spot but it’s not painful by any means.

My postpartum anxiety has gotten so much better. I am extremely thankful that I was able to find a medicine and dosage that worked right away and not have to trial and error things to figure it out. I still have bad moments and I know I always will. Unfortunately it doesn’t just go away, despite what people assume.

Thanks for reading our update! I hope you enjoyed seeing pics of baby Ellie! 🥰

Until next time..


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