Day in the Life

It’s been a while since I’ve sat down and blogged. School has been taking up a lot of my time and I haven’t had the extra time to sit and write up a good post. I will try to take a whole day to get some good posts typed up here soon!

Today’s post, as you probably can already tell, is a day in the life. I have always loved watching these types of videos on YouTube and have honestly loved doing them on my blog so far.

Without further ado here’s a look into our day.

February 12, 2019

5:15 am

Hubs’ alarm has gone off and I get up to make his lunch for him. I don’t do this every morning but if I’m awake I’ll go ahead and put it together for him while he gets ready. He leaves around 5:40 and I go lay back in bed and scroll social media for a few. At 5:45 Ellie wakes for a bottle and diaper change and falls right back to sleep.

6:30 am

Since everyone is still asleep I decide to get some homework done so I log in and work on that for about an hour. It’s amazing how much stuff you can get done in an hour when you don’t have kids pulling you in 4957594755 different directions. LOL! I still have a few things to get done but that’s a good start. I gather dirty clothes and get a load of laundry going.

8 am

The two older girls woke up around 7:50 and had breakfast. Autumn wanted eggs and Sophia wanted cereal so I make Autumn and I some eggs and get a bowl of cereal put together for Sophia. At this point Ellie is still asleep. Once we’re done I clean up and rinse everything off. Some mornings the girls will get dressed before we do school but most of the time school is done in our pajamas.

9-11:30 am

During this time we spend time working on school. Autumn is beginning to work on a paper about natural disasters. Today she is to pick a specific one and start reading about it. As the week progresses she will end up with her rough draft that we will go over beginning of next week for her to complete her final draft.

She also has math, history, spelling, and reading to do today. For the most part she does her school on her own but as we enter new topics/lessons in math we go over them together after she reads the lesson herself.

At 9:30 Ellie woke up and I got her a bottle around, fed her, and put her down to play for a bit while I worked with Sophia.

Sophia is working on the last of her ABC’s she hasn’t quite recognized yet. She’s doing really well but there’s a couple she just can’t remember. Today we also worked on tracing lines, cutting lines, and more with counting. She also picked out a couple books and we read those together.

I remember there’s a load of laundry in the wash & move it to the dryer… who else does this? Starts a load and forgets about it.. *facepalm*


Now it’s time for lunch and while I make it the girls clean up their school stuff, put it all away, and get dressed. Let’s be honest here… Autumn gets dressed.. Sophia doesn’t normally get dressed unless we’re leaving to go somewhere or we’re going outside. LOL. I don’t fight it. It’s one of those battles that’s just not worth it.

When I’m making lunch I like to pull out any meat that needs to thaw for dinner that night. I don’t always remember but today I did. 😂

After lunch I wash all breakfast & lunch dishes and straighten up the kitchen; wipe down counters, stove, and microwave; and do a quick sweep of the floor.


After lunch, since school is done, the girls get time to either play a game or watch a movie while I feed the baby, put her down for a nap, and work on my homework. Today they chose to play some Minecraft together which can either go really well or Autumn gets annoyed. Today it was a mixture of both. LOL.

4 pm

While I finish up my homework and put it away until after they’re in bed Autumn gets in the shower and once she’s done Sophia takes a bath. Normally we do day shower/bath because it’s much easier for me to do than bedtime baths.

I use this time to sort, fold, and put away the load of laundry from this morning and straighten up the whole house.

Ellie eats around 5 and then we play together for a bit. We attempt tummy time but she hates it so whatever. She’s sitting up by herself now so that’s basically all she wants to do unless she’s eating or sleeping. 😂

6:30 pm

My husband gets home around 6-6:15 and normally dinner is just about ready when he gets home but today I was working on homework and time got away from me so I got a later start to it. Thankfully it wasn’t something that took a lot of time to make so we didn’t eat too much later than normal.

After dinner Autumn did dishes for me and I put dinner leftovers away.

It wasn’t much of an exciting night because like always I waited until the last day to work on finishing my homework so I had to get that done.


The older two go to bed at 8:30. I read Sophia a book and then tuck her in. Autumn is “too old” to be tucked in so she does it herself now. Then it is time to feed Ellie one last time and get her changed and ready for bed as well. I fed her, changed her diaper, put lotion on her, and put clean pajamas on her. She went down at around 9:45pm.

Once they were in bed I finished up my homework and went to bed.

That’s pretty much it. I meant to get more pictures than I did but it was just one of those days. I think the next DITL I do will be once it’s warm and we can get out of the house and go on an adventure.

Thanks for reading, guys! I hope that you enjoyed spending the day with us!

Until next time…


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