2019 Goals


Back in October I talked about goals that I had set for my blog for the remainder of the year. I figured with today being January 1st I would dig up those goals and see if I made it! I will also be sharing a few goals that I have for the first half of 2019 for myself and my blog, as well as school.


2018 Goals

First let’s start with goals that I wanted to achieve by the end of 2018!

  • Reach 200 Followers (I was at 163 in October)
  • Reach 3,000 views (I was at 2,817 in October)
  • Post twice a week
  • Do better with promoting my blog
  • Work more with bloggers (guest postings/colaborations)
  • Interacting more with fellow bloggers (liking, commenting, sharing)

Now, let’s see how I did!

I ended 2018 with 228 followers and 3,814 views! I gained 65 followers and 997 views from October 21 – December 31! I’d say that’s a pretty successful last couple months of the year! I am happy with those growths.

Posting twice a week was fairly easy since I did both Blogtober and Blogmas. I did pretty good in November, falling off the week of Thanksgiving but I published 8 posts in the month of November which is pretty good.

I have done a lot better at promoting my blog. I now have a Facebook page for my blog and I use that to promote and share posts that go live. There is always room for improvement for this, though, and I plan to work on this in 2019!

I have not done any colaborations this year but I did do some blog tags that involved nominating other bloggers, which was fun! I look forward to more tags and working with other, new bloggers this next year!

I need to work on interacting way more! I have gotten better but there is, again, room for improvement here too!

2019 Goals

The following goals I would love to achieve by the end of June 2019!

  • Reach 4,000 views
  • Reach 250 followers
  • Colaborate/guest blog with other bloggers
  • Interact by sharing, liking, and commenting on fellow bloggers posts.
  • Continue posting twice a week on a Tuesday & Thursday schedule.

I know I can do these as long as I work hard and put the effort into my blog!


This is not going to be a New Years Resolution type post, more of a what I want to focus on more this year in my life. Most of you know that I have had some hard times with my mental health since having Ellie and it is something that I really want to take the time to focus on and better this year so that I can try to wean off my medicine. I don’t like needing the medication but I know that a healthy me is important so if it is something I have to do then I am going to do it.

Let’s get right on into what I need to focus on in 2019!

  • Me time – I want to take out more time for myself, even if that means locking myself in the bathroom with headphones on listening to music for 30 minutes.
  • Read! – I want to spend more time this year reading and getting back into my love of reading. It has been hard with school because I don’t get a lot of free time to do things I want to do.
  • Stop procrastinating! – This was really bad last year, especially when it came to my assignments. I would wait until the day my assignments were do to sit down and do them. Granted I got everything done, I know I could have done better if I tried.
  • Get out of the house – Because of my pregnancy and the pain that I was dealing with, then having a newborn.. I didn’t get out nearly as much as I would have liked. Even something as simple as going to the park and letting the kids enjoy themselves would be amazing! So I plan to take more time to do that as well.

I could add more but for the first half of the year I will leave it at that and see how I do! I hope that you enjoyed seeing what I have planned for this year. What are some of your goals you’d like to achieve this year? Let me know in the comments below!

Until next time…



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