Christmas Tree!

Welcome to Blogmas Day 16!

9 more sleeps until Christmas! πŸŽ…πŸ»

Today is all about the Christmas tree!

Last year the way we decorate our tree changed. A little over three years ago my husband lost his grandma and last year his grandpa gave the grand-kids her Christmas decorations and we got a lot of her ornaments so last year and this year we ditched our old ornaments and used hers and then filled in the tree with ours. His grandma loved snowmen so that’s a lot of what we have on our tree plus family ornaments. I’ve also got ornaments that I made back in elementary school hanging up, which I will share later on in the blog.

Before we hung the ornaments! We’ve got a 9 ft tree and I believe we used 700 lights on it this year. πŸ˜… We always do clear lights because we like how it looks better on our tree.

This year I let the girls decorate the tree and kept everything where they put it. Normally I would go behind them after they’re in bed and make it more equal and symmetrical but this time of year is about having fun and making memories so that’s what we did! Is it driving me crazy, yes.. but it’s beautiful and they love it. Which is all that matters.


This is the view from the kitchen with only the Christmas tree lights on. I love it!

Here are some close-ups of some of my favorite ornaments!

These are some of my husband’s grandma’s ornaments. As I said earlier she loved snowmen so we have quite a bit of them on our tree. The gingerbread man moves when you pull that string with the peppermint candy on it. The power ranger is one that she hung on her tree for my husband. The Precious Moments one her and my husband’s grandpa got in 1996 (dated on the back). We have a few of the Christmas bulbs with braided string decor on them, as well.

These two are things that I made in elementary school. The snowman I made in 1996 and the mittens I made in 1995. They are supposed to be hung on your doorknob but honestly, I like them better hanging on our tree. They fit the theme.

Last, but not least, these are the ornaments my oldest two daughters picked out. Can you guess which one belongs to which girl? LOL.

Until tomorrow…


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