Christmas Decor


We have never been huge into decorating for Christmas, or really any holiday/season, and to be honest, this year we just put our tree up on Monday and decorated it Tuesday, which I will share with you tomorrow.

We have a few decorations around the house that I will add pictures of below. I get the best lighting in my kitchen so that’s where most of these were taken however that is not where they’re all actually placed.


Here is our outside lights with a sneak peak at our tree! Excuse the bad quality.

You have already seen these pictures if you read my countdown to Christmas post but they are a part of our decor so they’re added to this post as well. They are both cute ways to countdown but add in some festive decor at the same time.

So, I added them all in the top picture because that’s how they sit on the mantle (it’s really an arch opening from our kitchen to our dining room but we don’t have a mantle so I decorate it as one) where you see the wax warmer lit up behind them. But I wanted to take individual pictures as well so you could see them & what they say! I got the small signs from Target’s Dollar Spot for $1 a couple years ago and just thought they were cute little decor pieces to sit on my mantle. I cannot remember where we got the Santa figure (I wanna say my MIL but I’m not 100%!) but I love the look of this Santa! I prefer a realistic Santa over a cartoonish one any day!

What types of decor do you put up at your house? Do you go all out or are you minimalistic like we are?

Until tomorrow…


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