Santa Pics?


Let’s talk about Santa!

Do we do Santa pictures?

We used to. Autumn was not a fan at first but warmed up to him as she got older. When Sophia was born and took the pictures with her she did really well! However, Sophia’s second Christmas, she was 1, she screamed the whole time. I do not believe in making your child do anything they don’t want to do, especially when it comes to things like Easter Bunny or Santa. So then we started doing letters to Santa and we have continued to write them every year. From that year on Autumn never shown any interest in taking pictures with Santa since we wrote him letters but this year she mentioned getting hers done with our third baby, Ellie. Ellie is 4 months old so she will probably sleep through it. We may do that.. I know it’s really late to be planning this now but she just brought it up like two days ago. So, we’ll see.


Every year around this time we write up letters to Santa telling him a couple things the girls are wishing for for Christmas, we address the envelopes, and send them out. The girls love it! Especially this year since Sophia is a little older and understands what’s going on this time of year!

Do you do pictures with Santa, letters to Santa, or something else?

Until tomorrow..


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