Counting Down to Christmas!


If you’re just checking in you may be thinking “What is blogmas??” Blogmas is where you blog everyday from December 1 through Christmas. Some bloggers have switched it up a bit and instead of blogging everyday they will do a 12 Days of Christmas type blog theme. Some even blog everyday through December 31. Some blog in a Christmas theme and some blog about whatever their niche is for their blog. Honestly, it is all up to the blogger and for my blogmas I will be blogging everyday through Christmas and all of my posts will be Christmas themed. Let’s get into day 13!

As you can tell by the title today’s theme is how we countdown to Christmas! We have a couple ways of doing it this year. I will post pictures below of how we countdown!


Your typical Advent Calendar! Both of the bigger girls have one and they can’t wait to eat their chocolate every morning!


We also have this awesome advent calendar/countdown! My MIL got it for Autumn years ago and she usually keeps it on her night stand/bookshelf but this year we’ve moved it out to the dining room so that we can all see Santa coming down the chimney! We love this one!


Last but not least I purchased this Activity Advent Calendar from Target in the Dollar Spot (I believe it was $3) for Sophia to do and there are days where Autumn helps if the activity is a little harder. There are lots of different types of activities in this little booklet and Sophia loves it. You basically do one page each day leading up to Christmas! It’s a fun little activity for her to do once she’s completed school for the day.

How do you count down to Christmas?

Until tomorrow..


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