Handmade Christmas


I never understood the awesomeness of handmade decor or gifts until I had kids. I remember in school we would make ornaments, small gifts for our parents, and stockings but I never understood the meaning and now, as a mom, the handmade items are my absolute favorite!


We just made ornaments the other day that we will be hanging on the tree. The girls will make their own Christmas cards, a few drawings, and other things.

I also love getting handmade things whether it be from kids or adults. Every year my MIL makes us all a calendar using pics from that year for the next year. I hope that makes sense. Like this year she’d use pictures taken during 2018 but the calendar would be for 2019. I LOVE this because I can see how big my kids have gotten in the last year and it is always awesome to look back at pictures and remember the time you spent together and the memories you shared.

Tomorrow you’ll get to read about what is on our wish lists!


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