The ABC’s of Me

I found this on Facebook and thought it would be a fun little way for my readers to get to know me! 

A- Age: 30. 

B- Biggest fear: Something happening to my kids or my husband. 

C- Current time: 6:11 pm. 

D- Drink you last had: Currently drinking hot chocolate. 

E- Every day starts: Checking my notifications. 

F- Favorite song: I really love most of the popular country songs right now but I absolutely love anything Kane Brown. 

G- Ghosts, are they real? Yes, but not in the scary way. I feel that our loved ones visit us after they pass and give us signs they are near. 

H- Hometown: Montpelier, Ohio. 

I- In love with: My three girls and their dad. 

J- Jealous of: I am not jealous of anyone or anything. Anything that I want I am capable of achieving myself if I work hard enough. 

K- Killed someone?: Damn, that escalated quickly. 

L- Last time you cried?: Yesterday. It was the 19th anniversary of my grandpa’s death. 

M- Middle name: Ralene. 

N- Number of siblings: 5.

O- One wish: To spend one more day with my grandparents.

P- Person you last called: Pediatrician. 

Q- Question you’re always asked: “You sure you don’t want to try for a boy?” 

R- Reason to smile: My girls and my husband. 

S- Song last sang: Whatever came on the radio last. They all blur together when I am getting shit done. LOL. 

T- Time you woke up: I was up around 5:30, got hubs’ lunch around, fed the baby, and ended up falling back to sleep and waking up around 8. 

U- Unplug – Have you ever unplugged from your electronics for a whole weekend?: No, but I need to. A break is always nice. 

V- Vacation destination: I’d love to go back to Florida. 

W- Worst habit: Procrastinating. 

X- X-Rays you’ve had: I’ve had a few. I think the last one I had was on my jaw bone when I had a cyst. 

Y- Your favorite food: Pizza. 

Z- Zodiac sign: Leo. 

Nominate 3 people:

Stephanie @ One Caring Mom

Tresa @ The Mom Blog WI

Tara @ Blog About a Latte



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