Blogtober – Day 18

I’ve made it halfway through the month and only needed a break for a personal reason! I cannot believe I have made it this far, to be completely honest. Last time I tried doing something like this I made it about a week, I think. Eh, it is what it is.

Let’s get into today’s post! Reverse Bucket List. I had never heard of this before today and I don’t think I have read any blogs regarding this topic.. so let’s see where this takes us!

What is a reverse buket list? We all know that a bucket list is a list of things we want to do during a certain season, before we die, before we get married or have kids.. etc. A reverse bucket list is what we have already accomplished in life.

  • Getting married. This isn’t something I thought would happen as soon as it did but I am very thankful that I found my now husband when I did. Most wouldn’t say getting married at 23 is early or young but I definitely didn’t think it’d be me. We got engaged when I was 18 and although I was young I knew it was what I wanted. A few months after we got engaged we found out we were pregnant with our oldest daughter and of course all of the “Oh, they’re only getting married because she’s pregnant…” comments started. Which, I won’t lie.. is a reason for many younger marriages but not mine. We were engaged before we found out. Then we didn’t get married until almost 5 years later and everyone assumed we were only staying together because of our daughter. Nope. That leads us into my next accomplishment..
  • Buying a house. We were 23 and 26 when we bought our house. This was something we wanted to accomplish before getting married – even though we had an almost 4 year old.. We didn’t want to be married while still living at home and clearly having a child before we had planned caused it to happen much later then we would’ve liked but it still happened. We’ve been here for 7 years now and have brought home two more little girls to our house.
  • Getting my associates degree. I accomplished this in August 2017 and walked across the stage to recieve it in May of this year. It took me a lot longer than I imagined it would but along the road I changed my major multiple times and had another baby. Life got in the way and I wouldn’t change that for anything.
  • Continuing my education. I am now more than halfway done with my bachelors degree. I should be finishing it up in May of 2019 and I am STOKED to be done! I have not decided if I wanted to go back for my masters or not. As you all know we’ve recently added another baby girl to our family and I think I want to spend somet time not doing school and just focusing on my family for a bit.
  • Last but definitely not least.. my family. Our oldest daughter was not planned but she has definitely helped me grow a lot as both a person and a mother. We have had our struggles, as we will with our other two daughters eventually, but she’s a great kid and I am so happy that I get to have three little girls calling me mommy and I can’t imagine having babies with anyone other than their dad!

Those are just five of my accomplishments but definitely some of my favorite and most important!

What are some of your accomplishments that you’ve been able to cross off your bucket list?

Until tomorrow..


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