Blogtober – Day 10

I was nominated for the Flawesome Award  by We Earthbound Stars! Go check out her blog and make a new friend!

The award and tag were created by Sophia Ismaa and you can find her blog here.


The Rules

  1. Link back to the creator.
  2. Display the award (pic above).
  3. List three of your flaws and turn them into a strength.
  4. Tag other people.

Flaw #1

My past. I have endured a lot through different relationships that I have been in but in the end I don’t hold resentment anymore. I have become a much stronger person because of what I went through. This has also given me the opportunity to want to help others – whether in similar situations or just in general. I am always available to talk and I will never judge you because I know that we all have our past, our secrets, etc.

Flaw #2

I am blunt. I tell it like it is. Some people do not like this however it can be a good thing! Before I turned blunt I was allowing people to walk all over me. I no longer allow this and have become a much stronger person because of it.

Flaw #3

I am a smart ass. This goes along well with my bluntness and a lot of people don’t like this either.But I have learned to have fun with it! I think it helps me come out of my shell more and open up to people when normally I would hide in the corner and not talk to anyone.

Who I Nominate!

Paula over at Parenting With Paula

Silvia over at Life With Fibroids

Amy over at Amy To Be Free

Carly at Pretty Style of Living

This is an amazing award and I am so glad that I was nominated! It shows us that even the things we see as flaws can be a positive aspect to our character.

Until tomorrow..


8 thoughts on “Blogtober – Day 10”

  1. Congratulations on the nomination. I don’t think you should categorise your past as a flaw, except for the regrets you have. Anything in past is a lesson, and not regretting it is the solution to it.

    Always remain smart ass. 🙂

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