Newborn Items: An Update!

A couple months ago I typed up a post about some newborn/baby items that we were using with E that we had not used with the other girls. This post will be an update as to whether we liked them or ever even used them.

Hope you enjoy!

Boppy Lounger – LOVE this! E loves it, I love it, we all love it! It is so easy to lay her in it without worrying about her sliding down like the original Boppy!

Electric bottle warmer – We actually sold this in a garage sale and will be using the Tommee Tippee travel warmer instead at the house (pictured below)! When we travel we will use the car charger one (pictured below) as needed.. we haven’t used it yet.

Rock & Play – LOVE LOVE LOVE this! It has honestly been my saving grace! She loves this and how she feels secure & safe like in the womb! Definitely recommend!

Nuby 360° Bottles – Love these and if we have to continue using bottles these will be ones we use long term! Definitely recommend!

Playpen – We had a playpen with S but not one with all these bells & whistles. Lol. I like the lounger insert. I haven’t used the other side of it which is a diaper changing pad because we have a changing table (and a couch LOL), but the lounger is nice!

Overall we have liked just about everything we purchased for E that we didn’t with the older two! Another thing I got for E that we’ve never used before was a bassinet type stroller, pictured below, and I LOVE it! It pushes with ease, steers well, and goes over rocks and such easy! It’ll be good once she’s bigger, too, because it can turn into a regular stroller.

What are some of your newborn faves? Or must haves? Leave a comment below!

Until next time..


4 thoughts on “Newborn Items: An Update!”

    1. I guess it could act like a regular pillow that you’d put under their head but the regular boppy is a lot more breastfeeding friendly. We have one of those, as well. I use the lounger to sit her in because she falls down in the regular boppy.

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