Cleaning Schedule

Today’s topic is cleaning schedules – whether it be a daily, weekly or monthly schedule that you have made up to keep your house in check. Are you a SAHM, WAHM, working mom, college mom? Any and all of these can add built up stress to the household cleaning and having a schedule can help you keep your stress – about the house, anyways – at bay.

I’m a SAHM and I’m in college, who also homeschools my two oldest daughters so a schedule is something that helps keep me sane as well as my house from looking like a tornado has blown through.

With E being here now I really need to stick to a cleaning schedule that will allow me to get things done without feeling overwhelmed from everything else going on. Now that A is pretty much 100% indepenent in her schooling I can use that time to get some cleaning done once I am done with S’s schooling. Since being pregnant and having difficulties to healing from the birth to my husband being home my schedule has fallen off the grid so I sat down to edit an old post I had made to edit the cleaning schedule to fit our new chaos level!

Daily Tasks – This list will be things that I do everyday regardless of what day it is.

• Dishes

• Wipe down counters & dining table

• One load of laundry & put away

• Quick clean-up of each room, after the kids go to bed

• Make beds (not gonna lie.. this probably won’t happen – go ahead and judge me!)

• Sweep/vacuum floors

• Help A with homework

The following lists will show you what I do for each room on its day. I choose one room a day along with the list above so that I do not get overwhelmed.

Monday – Kitchen

• Wipe down/disinfect counters & appliances

• Straighten cabinets

• Clean out refrigerator

• Mop floor

• Deep clean stove & microwave

• Dust baseboards, light fixtures, etc.

Tuesday – Dining Room

• Mop floors

• Deep clean table/chairs

• Dust baseboards, light fixtures, etc

Wednesday – Living Room

• Vacuum/sweep floor

• Straighten bookshelf

• Organize S’s toys (done every day)

• Dust baseboards, light fixtures, fan, etc

Thursday – Bedrooms

• Pick up/straighten

• Replace & launder beddings

• Straighten closets

• Dust baseboards, light fixtures, fan, etc

• Wipe down/disinfect dresser, tv stands, etc

• Vacuum floor

Friday – Bathroom

• Steam mop floor

• Dust

• Wipe down & disinfect counters/sinks

• Clean toilets

• Clean tub/shower

• Restock toilet paper under cabinets

Sometimes the days of the weeks get switched depending on my mood but each week every room gets deep cleaned. The two oldest clean their rooms weekly while I work on ours. S has a trundle bed under A’s so each night they have to pick up the stuff on the floor where her bed comes out so it usually is not too bad. The weekends will be dedicated to my kids and husband.

I hope that I actually stick to this and keep it going because it honestly is awesome. I didn’t realize how easy housework was until I researched different cleaning styles, schedules, etc and put together this schedule. Before I was always so overwhelmed with where to start and what to do. I’d get to cleaning and get distracted by something else and it would continue on like that. It wasn’t helping, at all, that I would do a little here and there and then it just felt like I was getting nowhere.

What’s your cleaning schedule? Do you have one? Do you stick to it? Does it work?

Until next time…


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