Blogtober – Day 1

Today’s topic is “If you won the lottery you would…”

  • First thing I’d obviously do is pay off our house and any other debts we have. The house is our biggest debt (as for most people) so having that off our shoulders would be amazing. All of our vehicles are paid off so we don’t have any debt there.
  • Put some aside in savings for those buts in life.
  • Next, I’d get anything we NEED. Which wouldn’t be much considering we take care of this on a normal basis but maybe a more expensive need we’ve been saving up for or whatever.
  • Onto our wants now. Our wants are a little different than most. I’d get myself my wants for my car, my husband’s wants for his car, a couple things the girls want.
  • Honestly, depending on how much we won… I may buy a house on more land.. with a bigger kitchen. 😂 If you know me in real life you know I hate our kitchen but it gets the job done so..

Until tomorrow…


7 thoughts on “Blogtober – Day 1”

  1. I would buy a house for sure! It’s one of the most difficult things to afford of our generation. I may also go to uni.

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  2. This is such a sensible list and it makes me so happy to see somebody finally think logically about how they would spend their winnings! Still, if you only get to be a millionaire briefly there’s nothing wrong with enjoying the moment and spending a little bit of it frivolously.

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    1. I try to think logically about things, lol. When my husband read my blog he said “That’s not how I’d spend the money…” with a smirk on his face as he listed off things he’d buy. 😂😂


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