What Apps Do I Use?

I have been asked by a few people what apps I use for blogging and media creation so I figured I would share a list of all the apps that I am currently using.

  • Facebook – This one is pretty obvious, I think most people use it these days.
  • Facebook Pages – I recently made a page for my blog and I am using that app to help keep track of it all!
  • Twitter – Again, pretty obvious.
  • Instagram – I have both a personal account and an account for my blog. I use this to get views on my blog and to interact with other bloggers and to show them support.
  • Canva – This is the app that I use to make the media that I put up on my blog – featured images you see at the top along with some of the images throughout my blog posts.
  • Google Photos – I use this app to back up all the pictures on my iPhone! It backs them up as soon as I open the app so I never have to worry about losing my pictures.
  • Instasize – I use this to make images fit instagram sizes.
  • FB Messenger – Facebook did this thing where if you wanted to read your messages you had to have the app.
  • Netflix – Obvious. Binge watching. (:
  • Outlook – I use this for both my personal and school emails.
  • Pinterest – I mostly use this for homeschool and recipes.
  • Snapchat – Obvious, again.
  • Spotify – This is my favorite music app.
  • Timehop – I am a sucker for past memories.
  • YouTube – I use this to keep up with my favorite YouTubers or to search up random how tos, etc.
  • Wonder Weeks – This app is AMAZING for parents who have children that are younger than 18 months. It explains the different leaps that younger children go through and I have only used it for E but it has been right on target for her!


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