Day in the Life!

Normally you see DITL topics done on YouTube but I thought it would be cool to attempt this type of post for the blog to give y’all an idea of what our day looks like with two being homeschooled now and a newborn!

A is 10 and S is 4 so on a “normal” day I only need to really work with S but there are times when A needs my help as well.

I am typing this up on September 21, 2018 but I cannot promise you that it will get published tonight so you may see a mash-up of two days within this post.

E, my littlest little, woke up to eat around 4 this morning so I fed her, got her back to sleep, saw my husband off to work, and attempted sleep but it just wasn’t happening so I made some coffee & started my day way earlier than normal. I enjoyed my coffee in the dark, quiet living room and read some of the book I’m currently reading on my Kindle. It’s called More Than Her by Jay McLean (More Than Series book 2).. for those of you who are curious.

It is now 7 am.. E is still asleep and school generally starts at 9 so both of the older girls are still sleeping at this point as well, thankfully. I’ll be getting them up in about an hour so they can get breakfast & all that before school begins.

It’s now 9:15, A has began her work and S is getting ready to do her morning activity. A starts with morning work which is a review of math & language arts from previous lessons while S does activities in her dry erase workbook. E is waking up so it’s time to feed her while the girls are occupied with school.

(This picture is from last night but it was too cute not to share)

Once I’ve finished feeding E I venture back to the dining room table and A has moved on to her Language Arts work. She is currently reading Pippi Longstocking and doing different unit study pieces along with it. The workbook has spelling, vocabulary, grammar, and reading comprehension activities that go along with each chapter. We’ve broken it into a seven week study and she is currently on week three.

A does her school independently and at her own pace. She doesn’t wait for me to tell her what to do next, she looks at her lesson plans for the day and does what is written down while I work with S on her lessons for the day. After Language Arts she will be working on math and on Fridays we also have a history lesson & a spelling test.

S is still in her dry erase workbook and is working on patterns and what comes next. She does really well with this and it’s one of her favorite pages in her workbook. Now that E is fed & happy it’s time to really dive into school with S. We work more with her letter of the week (this week is C) and review her number & shape flash cards.

It’s now 10:30 and the girls are claiming it to be snack time. So we’ve taken a break for that but will soon be back to work! A has now completed everything but her spelling test so once we are done with snack that’s what we’ll jump into. On days where she cooperates & quietly sits at the table to focus on her work she’s normally done in about an hour or two. However, we’ve had days where school flows well into the afternoon due to her lack of attention or behavior issues.

At 11:00 we get back to work starting with A’s spelling test. S is done with school. We generally do about 30 minutes to an hour broken up.. as much as she will allow me to do. She’s 4 so having her sit at the table for long periods of time is pretty much impossible. Throughout the remainder of the day I do ask her random questions that go along with what we learn that day. For example, singing her ABC’s or counting.

School is officially done at 11:30 am! Now it’s time for the girls to sit down with a movie (They chose Fox & The Hound 2… again..) while I go over A’s work for the day. Anything she got wrong we will go over the next day before getting started on that days work.

While the movie plays I take advantage of the quiet and get some of my own homework done. This term I’m taking an earth science class (lab included) along with a public speaking class. I hate them both but I needed the credits for my degree so here we are… 🙃

I was able to finish my discussion boards and half of my science work before the movie ended and E woke back up. E spent time working on her neck muscles (tummy time) while I got lunch around for the girls then it’s time to feed E again, as well.

I’m going to end this here. Hope you’ve enjoyed our day in the life. Sorry it was so jumpy.. it was weird typing it out instead of vlogging it like you tubers do. 😅

Until next time..


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