Postpartum Check-up

As most of you know I had baby E last month.. well, yesterday I had my 6 week postpartum appointment to check on my uterus, stitch, and my incision from my tubal.

Everything went as expected.. my stitch is healed and my incision from my tubal looks great! But, unfortunately I’ve been diagnosed with PPA. Postpartum Anxiety. I suspected this was the case but also thought (and was hoping) it was my general anxiety being impacted by the chaos of hormones and other postpartum changes. However, that was not the case.

My doctor put me on a prescription to help with it and has given me a list of therapists to check into for help.

I suspected this was going to be a real problem when the techniques I normally use (and work) for my anxiety did absolutely nothing. I had attacks leaving E with my husband.. who I have absolutely no reason to believe would ignore her or not be able to care for her.. after all this is his third baby and I know he’s capable of caring for her. Rationally I know that.. but my anxiety told me otherwise. That was only one instance where it has bothered me..

Here’s to hoping this prescription (and/or therapy) works!

Until next time..


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