Why I am choosing to go public..

I have been blogging for years anonymously – using this as my outlet and diary basically – but in the last couple months I have been going back and forth about going public, creating a Facebook page, and letting y’all know a little bit more about me. Well, I have finally decided to just go with it.

To be honest, it is my husband’s doing as to why I am going public. LOL. Not on purpose, however. I was scrolling Facebook the other day and was commenting on some posts and sharing information about my blog. I had no idea that all of my friends could now see my link and go directly to my blog. I am not hiding anything on here it is just my little corner of the internet where I share my emotions and feelings about things that I was not quite ready to share with everyone yet.

Instead of pulling my blog down and getting anxious over this – ok.. I will admit there was a bit of anxiety around this.. – I decided I may as well let it all out there! I made this blog to talk about my experiences in life and I hope to help others who are going through what I have. By having this as a public blog I am able to reach more people which will, in turn, help more people out.

Am I scared? Yes. I am definitely scared and anxious about what is going to happen but at the end of the day I am entitled to all of my feelings about all of my experiences and everyone will just have to deal with it.

There are many different aspects to blogging and many different topics that can be covered. I choose to talk mostly about life, marriage, kids, and homeschooling making this a lifestyle blog, of sorts.

Here’s to going public!

Until next time..


4 thoughts on “Why I am choosing to go public..”

  1. Going public is a great idea. You will get more exposure and feedback from your readers. It’s normal to feel anxiety because you are stepping out of your comfort zone. Good luck!

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