Me time, what is that?

Eleven years ago I was pregnant with my first child. I had no idea the amount of work she would be or the sacrifices I would have to make. Sure, I had heard everyone and their mother’s opinion and advice on how it would be once I had her.. but I didn’t really take it to heart. I had my own idea, and as a first-time mom, thought I knew exactly how it would go. I was in for a huge shock.

As I am typing this I have a 10 year old, 3 year old, and I am 32 weeks pregnant with our third. Eleven years later and I still find parenting to be shocking and unexpected. When I was pregnant with my second I knew it all since I had already been through this one. It wasn’t my first rodeo, after all. Again, I was in for a huge shock.

Two kids was a whole other experience. I went from spending time with my oldest to having to share that time with two kids while balancing life and everything else. I had no idea how I was going to do it once she was out of the newborn stage where she stayed where I put her and slept most of the time.

I have spent so much time focusing on my kids that I have forgot about focusing on me. This was not intentional, it just happened. My needs have been placed on the back burner and I have been trying to focus more on myself and making sure that I put enough time aside for myself. We all spend our me time differently and for me it looks a lot like a hot bath with a good book or sitting down after the girls are asleep to work on my planner.

Being pregnant, chasing two kids, and keeping up with life is exhausting. I know that once baby E gets here I will not have nearly as much time as I do now to spend on myself so I have been enjoying it while I can. I’m not saying that my husband doesn’t or won’t help – he works all day while I am at home with the kids so the majority of their needs are met by me. Which is a sacrifice I have made as a mom and I wouldn’t change that for anyone.. I just wish there were more hours in a day! Or that I wasn’t so exhausted by the time the girls are put to bed.

Typically I stay up for a few hours after they go to bed (8:30) and that’s when I take a bath, read, work on my planner, or do homework (which, yes, I enjoy doing.. for the most part LOL). Some nights I pass out before they do and that’s just how life is right now.

All that aside, I am ecstatic to have three kids and do this all over again, even with the unknowns and the anxiety over how I will, again, spread out my time evenly so none of the girls feel left out or loved less. I already know that my heart will expand, yet again, to provide enough love for baby E so that is not a worry of mine.

However, I do need to work on putting time aside for me. The old saying goes “You can’t pour from an empty cup, so take care of yourself first.”

I created this blog as an outlet for my emotions and feelings and I realize that I have not been keeping up with it as much as I would like. I believe that keeping up with my blog and allowing myself to flow as openly as possible will also be another way I can spend time on me.

Do you give yourself enough me time?


8 thoughts on “Me time, what is that?”

  1. This is such a great post. I am not a mother, but I can imagine how difficult it must be to manage two children’s schedules plus growing a third in your belly! My favorite ways to spend my “me time” include reading, writing, or to be honest, going to the movies alone! It’s just nice to get away from the chaos sometimes. I hope you give yourself a few minutes each day to dedicate to you!

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  2. You’re the moon and stars for what will soon be 4 people. You’re such an indispensable and valuable piece of a puzzle that can be really complicated. The fact that you can stand back from it all and remember you is so vital! That in itself is self care. You definitely deserve care catered to you that will fulfill your soul and fortify your steps. But in what can occasionally be a mess you are totally finding bliss and that’s something I definitely need to work on. You’re juggling it all and have such a beautiful framing to your outlook. Have that cup of tea and enjoy the quiet moments, you absolutely deserve them!!

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  3. It’s so hard. For me I don’t realize I’m not getting enough “me time” until my saint of a husband has to come in and handle me having a meltdown. Great post!

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