What’s in your bag?

Hey y’all!

Thanks for stopping by my blog! Hopefully you’ve found something that you can relate to!

Today’s post will be all about what you’ll find in my bag! I’ll post pictures with a small description. Hope you enjoy!

First is a picture of my bag! It is a Michael Kors bag that was released around Valentine’s Day and although you cannot find this in stores anymore there is a collection that is similar to this, minus the heart.

A small peak inside! 😌 I cleaned it out just for this post! Normally you’d find receipts & other random pieces of paper inside as well.

This is the wallet that I bought to match my bag! It has two sides, both zippered. One side holds my cash & cards. The other side holds my coins. It’s also a wristlet so I can take it out and throw it in a diaper bag if needed or just carry it alone.

This little pouch here is where I keep all of my pens! I’ve got lots of colors, different types, etc. I am a planner so I tend to need a lot of pens and stuff to coincide with whatever theme I’ve got in my planner that week! This pouch really helps keep them all together and my bag looking much more organized!

This is my mini Happy Planner! I use this for appointments, grocery lists, play dates, errands, etc! I throw it in my bag so that when I’m out and about I can easily flip open and see what I’ve gotten going on on a specific day. I’m a list maker so having this in my bag allows me to feel much more organized & in the know!

This is pretty self explanatory. I’m a mom and have lots of errands to run, dr appointments, as well as activities that my kids are part of. So keeping my keys in my bag ensures that I don’t lose them.. which, yes, has happened more than I’d like to admit.

Again, am a mom! Lol! I tend to get headaches a lot and since I’m pregnant this is the only medicine I can currently take so I make sure to keep a small bottle of them in my bag at all times.

I feel like this is an all female thing? Maybe? I tend to keep hair ties everywhere. Car, bag, room, bathroom, everywhere. Especially now that it’s getting hot I don’t keep my hair down long at all. I’m always throwing it up in a “mom bun” and calling it a day. So having one of these on me is a necessity! 😂

That’s it for me! Pretty simple.. that is until August when I give birth to our third baby girl and will need to carry a diaper bag with all the things in it!

I decided to share this topic with my twitter followers, and my fellow bloggers, and have them share some of their bags & what’s in them. Below you will find their submission!

Renee from Looking Forward shares her bags contents below! You can find her Facebook page here.

My bag, a mobile mystery. Its contents changing to suit the needs of each day. However, there are a few essentials that can constantly be found within. On a day to day basis I find within my bag the following. A smaller bag which contains my ID, money and smaller things that I may need, such as tissues and cold and flu tablets. Another item found in my backpack is pens and books for any study I will be completing throughout the day. Whether I’m participating in sports or just walking home from work, I like to carry both perfume and deodorant. Finally, the last two things I generally carry are my cap if it’s a hot day followed by any snacks in case I become hungry.

Stay tuned for a new post next week!


6 thoughts on “What’s in your bag?”

    1. Thank you! I’m sure once my youngest two are older (3 & currently pregnant) I won’t need an actual purse but for now it’s so much easier to carry it and throw all the things in it!


  1. This is a cute blog idea. Going though the items in a woman’s purse can say a lot about who they are. So this gives the readers a better idea of who the writer behind the blog is!

    Liked by 1 person

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