Do you ever feel like your feelings have been muted by someone you thought cared for you?

I was talking to someone I consider a pretty good friend about something that is important to me and she kept shutting me down and trying to change the topic. I understand some things are not comfortable for people to talk about and if that’s the case, just say so. I don’t ever want to bombard someone with situations they don’t feel comfortable in. These conversations usually happen with my husband because I know he will talk to me about anything. There are times where I’d like to get another persons perspective on things so I opened up to her to try just that.

Now I feel stupid for allowing myself to open up to someone who reacted the way she did. I’m not mad at her. We all have topics we don’t or can’t talk about for one reason or another. I just wish she would’ve been like “I’m not comfortable speaking about this..” or something. I wouldn’t have been offended or mad.

Just something I felt I needed to get off my chest.


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