TTC & Pregnancy

This blog post is something I never thought that I would write because after we had S we decided we were done, hubs had began discussing vasectomy with his doctor, and I got my birth control back in. I randomly brought up the idea of another in early 2017 and hubs did not immediately shut it down so I got hella excited. I let it go for a couple months because I did not want to try my luck too hard. In the end of June I brought it back up and hubs asked what the process of getting my birth control out and what the time line would be of us getting pregnant. I told him getting it out would be an easy process but as for the time line of us getting pregnant no one knew. We knew how quick it was for us to get pregnant with S but logically we could not base it off that.

I took my mirena out on July 12, 2017 and that’s when we officially began TTC baby number 3! Every month was hard for me as I kept getting negative pregnancy tests. I knew that I could not allow the fact that we conceived S so quickly interfere with this TTC journey because they would be nothing alike but it did not stop me from wondering what we were doing wrong this time around.

It took us 6 cycles to conceive this baby. On December 21, 2017 we finally got our BFP! I remember waking up that morning thinking “I know my period has started..” I grabbed a test and headed to the bathroom before hubs left for work. I didn’t want to look because I knew it would be negative. So I took it out to the dining room table where hubs was and made him look. He said “Two lines means there’s a baby in there, right?” LOL! I replied with “You better not be fucking playing with me..” He wasn’t. Those two lines were dark as hell.

The fun and excitement did not last long, though. This pregnancy has been complete and utter hell. Between sicknesses and all the pain that I have been dealing with I have not been able to do much outside of what is absolutely necessary. I am still extremely excited and anxious, don’t get me wrong.. it’s just that I have never in my life dealt with this amount of pain.

With S I had round ligament pain and sciatic nerve pain but not nearly this bad. This time around I have both of those but so much worse and so much earlier than I did with S. This time I also have SPD (symphysis pubis dysfunction) and it makes it hard to do anything and everything. Sitting, walking, getting in and out of a vehicle, rolling over in bed, getting out of bed, etc all hurt really fucking bad all of the time. I would not wish this on anyone.

I am currently 16 weeks 3 days and we find out next month what we are having! We are hoping and praying for a boy since we already have two girls but really we just want a healthy baby!


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