First half of winter break..

This will be a short blog because I just wanted to let y’all know that I would not be posting next week but I will catch up when we get back. I’ve got some fun posts lined up for the next couple weeks.

Most of y’all know we are headed to Florida tomorrow so next week we are taking off school as our first half of winter break. I was going to have her do school in Florida but I decided that we would just enjoy the time we have there and learn from life itself. Plus, I do not feel like carrying all of our school stuff with us. We have enough shit going with us to begin with! LOL.

We are going to Wizarding World of Harry Potter, the Zoo, we will probably be on the beach a lot, swimming in the heated pool, etc. We’ve got a hectic itinerary but we will have lots of fun and that is what matters!


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