10 Things I Live For

​What do I live for? This sounds like something I should be able to throw out quickly but as I sit here I only ever think about the most important, or obvious answers. My kids and my husband. But then I got to thinking about what I live for outside of the mom & wife world and I blanked. This gives me some insight on what I need to focus on going forward. Being a wife and mom is not all that I am capable of! So let’s see how this ends up..

A – My first born. She made me a mom and unknowingly changed me into a better person. She made me realize love at first sight is real; I felt it when I first looked at her. She’s shown me over the years that it is, in fact, okay to be 100% true to yourself. Not only that it’s okay, but also very important. Through her I have grown so much into the truest version of myself. 

S – My second beautiful daughter. She showed me that I am capable of loving more than I thought. I wasn’t sure if I could love another the way I love A. But S showed me it’s definitely possible. She has also shown me how beautiful it is to grow and share your love. In her three short, but very fast, years she has given me so much love. She’s an amazing little girl and I know I was given her for a reason. 

My husband – Man, if it weren’t for him I’d be a totally different person, in more ways than one. Not only did he give me the blessings that call me mom he also helped me become a stronger person, inside and out. He has been my rock for over 12 years and has given me hope and strength when I lacked it. We’ve shared so many ups and downs and he has always held me through them. I’m always incredibly thankful for him. 

My education – I’ve come so far and have so far to go but I’m blessed to be able to say I’m bettering myself and my family because of my education.

My life – I’m alive, healthy, and still going strong despite all the shit that’s brought me down. 

My determination – This might seem odd, but if it weren’t for my determination I wouldn’t be where I am today. 

The future – Whatever it may hold, it’s going to be the best experience. 

Hope – The hope that my kids will be happy with their upbringing and the experiences we’ve provided them with.

Happiness – Not only my own happiness but everyone around me as well. 

Commitment – Again, may come off strange but if you don’t fully commit to what you’re going after you’re wasting your time. Commitment is very important. 

That was a lot easier than I originally thought. I could have kept going but wanted to keep it simple & sweet! I have a lot to live for and so do you. Wake up every day and enjoy what you’ve got, what you’re working for, and what’s coming your way! What are some things that you live for? 

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