Advice to Our Younger Self


There’s so much advice I could give myself based on what I know now. I’ve had plenty of ups and downs, much like all of y’all, and boy could I have used some of the knowledge I now have to prevent some of those experiences. Fact of the matter is I can’t change the past. I can only look brightly into my future and hope that with what I’ve learned I will be much safer and happier. That being said I would give myself the following advice:

  • Do not trust so easily. It does more harm than good. This would have prevented so much. /:
  • Speak your mind, always. 
  • Do you. Fuck what everyone else thinks. 
  • Keep your friend circle small. 
  • Don’t buy into people without getting to know them. They’re more than likely doing the cool thing to fit in. 

Follower Submissions

* Don’t compromise your individuality just to be “cool”. Just be yourself – like what you like, do what you want to do, take the time to invest in something you’re passionate about, and don’t worry about fitting in. There’s going to be someone out there that like you for you. 

* Learn to let go of friends who are not as eager by the friendship you think you share. Walk away from a friendship if you have to keep putting in all the effort for it to stay afloat.

* No one is worth it but you. Be kind and considerate, as usual, but ALWAYS remember that you come first. Big key to happiness. 

* Be confident. Be confident with yourself and your choices. 

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