Monday Madness – School Day Routine

It has been a long while since I have done a Monday Madness post and some of you may not even know what it is. So first I will go over what that is. Monday Madness is a sub topic part of my blog where I respond to a topic and then ask my twitter followers if they’d like to respond as well. I add their responses – tagged or anonymous – to my response post. I love reading the different ways of doing things or looking at things that my followers share with me, especially with having it all in one place.

With that being said this weeks topic is school routine!

So this week I will share with you the routine we have for getting ready for the new school year. Ours is a little different since A is homeschooled but the same general routine applies.

This year we start our second year of homeschooling (first full year) and I’ve made up a schedule to help keep everything under control. On a post coming up this month I will be going more into detail about what resources we use, what textbooks we use, etc. So check that out when it comes up!

We don’t get the formal “supplies” list for A. She doesn’t get a backpack or lunchbag. We get notebooks, pencils, folders, markers, crayons, colored pencils, glue sticks, (everything except notebooks are only bought if needed) etc.. and we don’t get as many as the public schools ask for. Last year I also got a paper punch, scissors, and paper reinforcers and I still had plenty left over.

Once all of our supplies are bought I put them in their designated spot so that they’re easy to find and out of the way.

I buy new clothes almost every time I go to the store. I’m a sucker for cute clothes so both the girls get a new shirt or something every time I end up in a store. We don’t have “school” clothes but when we go to meet ups she does wear her nicer clothes and not her play clothes.

School for us started today because I wanted a full week but since we’re up in the mountains this weekend (leaving tomorrow) she did her work Thursday & Friday so we wouldn’t fall behind.

She does math, English/Language Arts, Science (she chose Biology this year), and history (she chose Modern America), health/P.E., and I’m starting a good citizen workshop with her this year to work on being a good person, using manners, being responsible, etc.

This year all of her curriculum is online so I don’t have as full a load but I still have to check and maintain worksheets that go along with her work. As said earlier, I will be posting later in another blog post about her schedule and what resources we use.

Below you will find a few of my followers’ responses regarding their children’s routine for school this year. If you’d like to share yours let me know!

Thanks again! 

This morning’s routine was we woke up at 8, got breakfast, did spelling words, creative writing journal entry, and then school was done.

I have different things on different days, but my goal Monday routine is wake up around 7, get breakfast, watch cartoons, start spelling words at 10, take a break at 1030, do creative writing at 11, lunch from 1130-1230, then do a lesson about manners, and we’re done at 1.

– @sahmombie

So far I’ve grabbed the next year supply list when I grab the current for my child. We start gathering school supplies as soon as school is out for the next school year so that I am not dumping loads of money all at once. We don’t buy all of what is asked for at first, but we do buy more as needed throughout the year.

School clothes I buy constantly when I see a good sale, again to keep from dropping so much money at once. We go through what still fits and make a list of what all is still needed and go from there.

The week leading up to the first day bedtime is pushed up to 8pm so that attitude is not dealt with in the morning.

The night before the first day we get his bookbag ready and I write down what goes in his lunchbox so that it’s quick and easy to put together in the morning. Clothes & shoes are picked out and hung on his dresser knob.

We’ve been doing this for a couple years now and it seems to work well, so we will continue to follow this same routine until changes need to happen.

Thanks for letting me be a part of your post!

– anonymous

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