Bedtime Routine

I have been bombarded with questions regarding our bedtime routine now that A is homeschooled. 

  • “Does she still have a bed time?”
  • “Is she allowed to stay up as long as she wishes?” 

I feel like those were the two most common ones and they relate to each other. Yes, she still has a bedtime. I live off those couple of hours to myself once the girls are asleep so if it wasn’t for her (and S) having a set bedtime I’d probably go insane.. lol. They go to bed at 8:30 and she normally reads for about a half hour until she falls asleep. Now, if it’s been a bad day and I feel it’s necessary to go to bed earlier then they go to bed at 8. That doesn’t hardly happen, though. 

Our bedtime routine hasnt changed much since I posted it last but I figured it wouldn’t hurt to include it in this post since it was surrounding the topic of bedtime anyway. 

The girls take a bath/shower every other day so on these nights they get in the bath/shower at about 7:30 and play for a bit then we do the washing and rinsing. A can get out and get ready for bed herself so other than making sure the shampoo/conditioner is completely out of her hair she is completely independent when it comes to her bath/showers. With S I have to all of the bath stuff so while A is getting herself dried, dressed, and hair brushed I am doing all of that with her. Then we brush our teeth and go potty one last time.

It’s normally around 8:15 when that’s all said and done. So then we do goodnight hugs/kisses with daddy and pick up any remaining toys on the bedroom floor. 

Then at 8:30 they are tucked into bed and A normally reads while S “reads”. 

Then from 8:30- whenever my eyes shut I enjoy the quiet sine everyone is sleeping. 

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