Gender Reveal Ideas..

I feel like I’m getting a little ahead of myself here since I’m not pregnant yet but yes, I have thought about some ways that we could go about revealing the gender of our third baby. So here goes:

  • Setting up balloons filled with confetti and having A shoot them with her BB gun to reveal the gender (the mostly likely choice)
  • Smoke the tires on hubs’ car
  • Box w/ pull strings filled with confetti
  • Squirt guns filled with blue or pink water

I’m excited (as if you couldn’t already tell) and can’t wait to be able to do this! 

How did you reveal your babies gender?

2 thoughts on “Gender Reveal Ideas..”

    1. I know I’m way ahead of myself since I’m not even pregnant yet but my god it’s so fun to sit on Pinterest (or wherever) and get these amazing ideas! Good luck on your TTC journey! 💫💫 Sending baby dust!


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