TTC take 2! 

July 12 was the day that our future officially changed. 

The last couple months have been an emotional roller coaster for me – and not in a negative way.

Hubs and I had been talking about having another baby for a couple months but I had not taken it seriously, at all. I was still trying to figure out and make sure that hubs was 100% serious, I was not about to get my birth control out only to realize he wasn’t at all serious. We had talked about me making an appointment to get it out and he told me that the only way we’d get pregnant was if we weren’t using anything – that is when I realized he was serious. It still felt like a dream, though. 

I waited weeks to bring up the topic again.. and to my surprise he was still on the same page I was. This is when shock hit me. This is really going to happen. Do I make an appointment and run with it.. or give us both more time to think over the idea and make sure it’s what is best for our family. 

This was all new to both of us. We had told everyone we were done having kids – hubs had even talked to his doctor about getting a vasectomy. The thought of having another baby, hell PLANNING to have another baby, never crossed my mind. Sure, I wanted to have more kids.. I don’t know that I will ever 100% be done with wanting a baby.. but it was never more than a slight want. My husband only wanted one child.. so to be honest I was shocked when he told me that he wanted to try for a second, let alone a third. 

I didn’t know what to think or how to feel. I texted a few of my friends explaining the conversations that hubs and I had had and the shock lay within them, too. I was relieved to know that it wasn’t just me who had this shock and slight doubt of is this real

So, July 12. Why is it meaningful? That’s the day my Mirena came out and shit got real. 

Around 1pm on July 6, I was laying in bed trying to work up the nerve to call my OB to make an appointment to have it taken out.  I had been doing some research on taking it out myself and read a lot of forums about women who had done it and how they done it, etc. I was scared, nervous, excited.. any and all emotions wrapped into one. The right thing to do was to make an appointment and have it taken out professionally, of course. 

I brought it up to hubs and he said that it wouldn’t hurt to try to take it out myself and if there was any pain at all we’d make an appointment. Still, I didn’t have the balls to do it myself. So days went by.. 

July 12th rolls around and we’re laying in bed and I’m like “Let’s just do this! Let’s take it out before I chicken out again.. let’s go!” So we did. I don’t know why I was ever scared or nervous, it was out in seconds and without pain. I barely even felt it come out. 

Now it’s go time! We’ve got our names picked out and how we’re going to tell everyone when it happens, if it happens before the girls’ birthday.  So now all we need is a baby in my belly! 

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