Parenting Styles, where am I? 

What type of mom am I? I could be a smartass here but I won’t. 😂

So, as I’ve been scrolling through social media I have come across two (well, three) types of moms.. and this blog post will go into detail on what those are and what makes you either or.. and where I fit in.

Let’s do this.

We will start with crunchy moms. A crunchy mom is one who supports home birth, natural births, breastfeeding, cloth diapering, co-sleeping, baby wearing, typically makes their babies food.

Then we have what they call a silky mom which is a mom who prefers a hospital birth, bottle feeding, formula feeding, disposable diapers, crib sleeping.

Last but not least is what they call a scrunchy mom. This means that you are a mixture of both crunchy and silky parenting.

Now, with A I was completely silky. I was young, scared, and listened to my doctor and what she said was best. I tried breastfeeding her but dried because I had no idea what I was doing.

When I was pregnant with S I had done some research and decided to give a couple things that were out of my comfort zone a try. I worked harder to breastfeed her, I had her completely natural, tried the whole cloth diapering thing. I was able to breastfeed her longer than I did A but not as long as I truly hoped for and the cloth diapering just is not for me.

So for the sake of this blog I will say that I am a scrunchy mom.

Now, with all that being said.. I don’t believe that it matters HOW you parent as long as you believe what you’re doing is what’s best for YOUR child. At the end of the day as long as your baby is fed, healthy, safe, and loved… do whatever you see necessary as it is your choice!

When I first started seeing these labels for what type of mom you are I didn’t understand why it mattered – I still don’t, to be honest – but I wanted to know what I would be considered since I parent different than most other people that I know. I actually parent each of my kids differently because they each respond to things differently. So why would I parent them the same way? It doesn’t make sense.

Now, I’m not bashing anyone who doesn’t parent their kids differently, or who doesn’t parent like I do, etc.. because I know that the most important thing is that they’re loved, happy, healthy, and safe. Above and beyond that is all up to you and no one can take that away from you. Unless you let them.

Have fun with learning new ways to parent and how your kids respond to different methods. This isn’t something you will know overnight and that’s okay! Parenting is hard. I’ve been a mom for almost ten years and I am still learning new shit every day! Don’t feel like a failure if something doesn’t work.. switch it up and rock it!

If you ever need someone to talk to that will not judge, for whatever reason, get ahold of me! I will always listen, talk, give advice, etc.

Until next time..


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