Homeschool is OVER!

… for the year. Lol.

Our first year of homeschooling is over with! I turned in all the end of year paperwork yesterday and now I just need to put all her worksheets and books from this year up in the attic so that it can be pulled down if we were ever to get audited. It has been one hell of a ride but one that will continue to help us grow in many ways.

I plan on changing up a few things this next year from how we did it for third grade. I’m going to try out a new schedule and some new curricula to see if things flow a little easier. I’m so glad that Virginia allows us to have the flexibility with curricula and most other things related to homeschooling. It has made this a much easier process for all of us.

I’ve learned quite a bit about not only myself but also my daughter through this process. She’s a lot more like her father and I than I originally thought. šŸ˜‚ When she was in public school her teachers never sent home homework or hardly ever graded work they did in class so I never knew what she was doing, how she was doing, or where her weak points were until I would get her report cards. I asked her teacher on numerous occasions to send home her stuff so we could self supplement at home and it never happened. So now that we are homeschooling her I am seeing where her weak points are and addressing those before we move on to the next topic or lesson plan. It was aggravating dealing with her public school teachers. They only appear to care about the SOL tests and getting funded from those. They only teach what will be presented on the test and it’s not realistic to teach that way, in my opinion.

I bought some new organizing items for our homeschool corner and one I’m done I plan on doing a post sharing how it’s set up and share pictures of some things. I’m excited and already planning for next year.

So does it ever really end??

Thanks for reading, as always!

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