Postpartum Depression, the ugly truth

Guest post submitted by @thewifeblabs

i didn’t ask to be a grown 20 year old who can’t even sleep with the lights off. i didn’t ask to literally jump when i see my shadow. i don’t sleep at night because i watch jordan sleep. and i’m exhausted during the day bc of course that’s when he’s up. it’s hard finding friends bc i think no one ever wants to hang out and it’s even harder to find friends who get that yes i need company sometimes, but i’m still adjusting to motherhood & loneliness. i’m tired of being scared. i’m tired of never going downstairs in my own home. i’m tired of feeling like someone’s gonna take my kid. postpartum depression is REAL. and this is it y’all. my support group wants me to reach out to hubs command but i see no point. this thread isn’t for attention. i’m telling y’all because i was too stubborn to get help right away. because i didn’t want medication to be the other parent in raising my son while my husbands gone. but i now realize i can’t do this because i’m falling apart.

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