For anyone who is not familiar with the Bell Lets Talk hashtag on social media it is a movement to open up conversations around mental illness and to help end the stigma attached to depression, O.C.D., anxiety, and other mental illnesses. This was started in 2010 as a means to promote public discussion about mental health and happens yearly. For every text or call made on the Bell network, all Facebook shares, Instagram posts, Snapchat geofilters, and all tweets using the hashtag #BellLetsTalk, Bell will donate 5 cents. Millions of people, every year, take to social media to openly communicate and show awareness about their struggles with mental illnesses in hopes that someone who’s not open about theirs will finally feel at peace and talk about it.

For years I have struggled with depression and anxiety. Depression hit me hard when I found my grandpa lifeless at the young age of 11, then good ol’ PPD hit me when I went into preterm labor with my oldest daughter. When I first starting struggling with depression I was scared to talk about it and when I did it got shrugged off as grief. It wasn’t until I had PPD that anyone realized it wasn’t just something I made up, it was real. 

We all fail to realize that a smile on someone’s face doesn’t always mean happiness. For some it’s their way of hiding the struggle hoping that you won’t ask and they won’t have to talk about it. For others it’s denial. This is a real issue. With the help of many I hope that more and more people will continue to open up, share their struggles, and become comfortable talking about them. 


You should never be afraid to talk about your mental illness despite what others may think of you or about your mental illness. I have been told my mental illnesses were “phases” that I would “get over” and the people I heard that from doesn’t understand how words like that make me feel and how far back it sets me from making changes within myself. You can take ownership like I have and while our mental illnesses will still, in one way or another, collide with our day to days it doesn’t mean that we have to let them overpower our well-being. This is obviously easier said than done and I have worked a lot on managing both my anxiety and depression and I have found ways that usually work for me but it wasn’t easy. We can work together to find something that will work for you! 

I took to Twitter today and I’m going to share some of my followers #BellLetsTalk tweets. As you’re reading them allow yourself to feel at peace and open up about any struggle you may be having. Also, thanks again for all of my followers who have allowed me to include them in my blog post. It means more than you think.  (: 


  • Because I am tired, I am so fucking tired. I am not fine , I have had too much
  • About what it’s like to raise a child with SPD. How she can’t help how she feels when she is anxious
  • Because every day I am afraid that addiction will take someone I love, someone I’ve fought too long to save.
  • I spent 9 years hating myself. There is help, you can get healthy.
  • Mental illness is not limited to depression or anxiety. It comes in many forms, get educated


  • because cannabis helps me overcome social anxiety. It helps me overcome being uneasy. It just helps.
  • I promise, once you find the support you need it does get better and keeps getting better. Don’t let your mind trick you.
  • Be less judgemental, more understanding.
  • I’ve been there. In the dark place. Where you feel like you can never come out. It’s not a nice place to be. We can overcome


  • Don’t judge what you do not know or understand. And don’t let movies create an opinion for you
  • Most people who know me don’t even know I struggle with this mental illness !
  • about bringing awareness to ALL mental illness’! Cus I’m tired of feeling ashamed & scared for people to know this side of me
  • Taking a step back to figure out if your tripping or it’s just your head ….
  • It gets better! You will find something worth living for. Just discover who you are.

@MoaningMama – 

  • because it’s exhausting explaining that there are two versions of me – before and after mental illness.
  • because I am living proof you can survive rock bottom with the right help, and support. It gets better, hang in there x
  • because I still hesitate at times when discussing my thoughts, feelings and general mental health, for fear of judgement.
  • because I had postnatal depression, and was too ashamed of how I was feeling to initially get the help I needed.
  • because too many people fear and judge what they don’t understand


  • about how fucking hard it is living with someone who has NPD
  • about how the best form of medication for me is illegal 🤗
  • Tired of hearing I’m a shit mom because I don’t drive. My anxiety is severely intense in cars. It is not safe for me to drive.
  • because I’m afraid my kids will see how I handle anger & sadness & think that’s the only way.
  • because my kids are the only reason I’m still here.


  • If anybody at all ever needs to talk about ANYTHING please do not hesitate to message me 💜
  • Always pushing people away & wanting to be by yourself when all you need is loved ones surrounding you telling u it will be ok
  • Because this little boy depends on his mommy for everything.
  • Because half the time I don’t want to leave my house because of my depression.
  • Because my anxiety spikes up so fast without any warning over something so small.


  • because talking helped me find ways to manage and deal with my anxiety
  • Once I started to talk about my anxiety it turned out I wasn’t alone
  • because I was never taught about mental illness so when anxiety was taking over my life I didn’t know what was wrong with me


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